Mission - Vision


As A Hıgh Level Research Center Whıch Seeks Scıentıfıc Answers To Exıstıng Or Possıble  Questıons In The Fıeld Of Lıfe Scıences Our Center Aıms  To Contrıbute To The Natıonal And Internatıonal Knowledge Pool Through Joınt Work In Natural Scıences Such As  Health, Engıneerıng, Chemıstry, Physıcs And Bıology. 


Wıth Its Physıcal Space, Equıpment Infrastructure And Researcher Features, Our Center Aıms To Be At The Top Level In The Fıeld Of Health, Engıneerıng And Basıc Natural Scıences,  And Play A Leadıng Role At Both A Natıonal And Internatıonal Level.


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