Experimental Animal Production and Research Laboratory

The Experimental Animals Unit in the Gazi University Life Sciences Application and Research Center has a work permit for Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Poultry given by the T.C Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock.

Our aim is to provide the production, care and use of experimental animals required for scientific research, application and education activities at international standards.

Entry to the Experimental Animals Unit is limited to researchers who take part in ethics committee-approved studies and have training in using experimental animals. Our staff working in the laboratory are experts who have the certificate of use of experimental animals.

There is an operation room, an examination room and a large practice room in the center for the experimental studies.

In the experimental animals department, there are clean and dirty corridors, which are now a necessity for more hygienic progress of studies. Thanks to the clean and dirty corridors, there is no contamination as waste materials and animals to be studied use different entrances and exits.

In the poultry section, there are four independent rooms for poultry studies, as well as an incubator with a 600 egg capacity for Embryo Chicken Egg studies.

New Zealand rabbits are produced in our Experimental Animals unit.


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