Cell Culture Laboratories

Stem Cell Central Laboratory
With the studies in  cell culture and cytotoxicity which have an important place in today's research; our laboratory contributes to the development of creative and innovative scientists, gives importance to sharing the academic knowledge it produces with other branches of science, and aims to contribute to universal science with its research.
In our laboratory, studies are carried out in cells reproduced from a certain cell line in order to determine the effects and functions of a certain substance (nanoparticles, plant extracts, drugs, food additives and many chemical substances) using current cytotoxicity test methods on healthy and cancer cell lines. In addition, imaging can be performed with light, fluorescent and confocal microscopes in our center.
1.      Cytotoxicity study,
2.      DNA, RNA studies in cell culture,
3.      Apoptosis, necrosis studies,
4.      Fluorescent staining techniques and fluorescent microscope examinations,
·       Courses, seminars, and conferences are provided to undergraduate and graduate students and to all researchers.
·         Studies are carried out with public or private institutions and universities in the form of joint or outsourcing services.
·       Technical and scientific support to thesis studies and projects are provided.
Available Devices:
1-Clean Room
2. Inverted Microscope
3-Humidity Controlled Incubator (CO2)
4-Biosafety Cabinet
5-Liquid Nitrogen Transportation and Storage Unit
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